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Yukon Screenwriting Intensive

Aug 26th - Aug 30th - KDCC

CMF-FMC Cross-Country Consultation 2015

Whitehorse,YT - September 25th 2015

Editing TV Drama: Aug 22nd - 23rd

with Award Winning Editor Jeanne Slater

YFS Sponsored Artist Residency - Jenni House Studio

Available Light Film Festival 2015

Upcoming Screenings & Events

Aug. 22

Workshop › Editing TV Drama: A two-day workshop with Jeanne Slater

Aug. 26

Workshop › Yukon Screenwriting Intensive

Aug. 21

Screening › Lucille’s Ball

YFS News

Jul. 7

Canada Media Fund - Fonds des Médias du Canada Whitehorse Consultation 2015

Jun. 30

YFS Job Opportunity: General Manager

Jun. 30

YFS Job Opportunity: Artistic Associate

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